Website Design

Let’s make sure your online home is a welcoming one that accomplishes your goals for you.


Structuring Phase

We’ll hash out the features and pages needed on your site, and get a bird’s eye view of your site’s core objectives.

  • Set objectives: Top actions your site will guide visitors toward (booking, buying, subscribing, etc!)
  • Features: Need a calendar, a signup form, a shop, or some other function? We’ll figure that out now.
  • Sitemap: We’ll map out all the pages on your site and organize how a user will navigate through them.


Writing Phase

We'll work with a pro copywriter partner to craft high-quality text that resonates with your brand voice and converts customers.


Design Phase

Now that the framework is in place, it's time to flesh out the design — starting with the bare bones and working our way to a fully functional website. There will be opportunities for feedback and adjustments along the way.

  • Wireframes: We’ll start with basics —boxes and filler text showing the basic layout of your website.
  • Designed mockups: Now I'll create some static designs and start working in your brand colors, fonts, and imagery!
  • Build the live website: I’ll bring these completed designs into the web design platform Webflow, complete with working interactions and features.


Launch Phase

I’ll make sure everything is in order on the back end, provide you with training videos to maintain and edit your site, and hit publish!

  • SEO optimization of all pages
  • Setup of your domain name and web hosting with Webflow
  • Recorded training videos for how to manage and edit your website
  • Hit the publish button!
Websites start at $2000. Contact me for a custom quote.
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